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Tutor Institute 2017 Recap

3 October 2017
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On Oct. 14, In collaboration with District 1199C Training & Upgrading Fund, OAE hosted 80 adult education tutors and practitioners for its annual Tutor Institute. The theme of this year’s Tutor Institute was Cultivating Stronger, Skillful Learning Communities, to recognize and celebrate the role of community in the work of adult education tutors and practitioners.

“In community, we discover and share resources – materials,strategies, and tools that enable us to better serve adult learners. In community,we connect and collaborate to learn and share experiences. It is this strong sense of community that motivates volunteerism, and it is the sense of belonging that gives purpose to our work.”said Diane C. Inverso, Executive Director of OAE.

Unique to this year’s Institute, OAE invited a panel of adult learners from local programs to share their thoughts and reflect on what it is like to be an adult learner working with a tutor.

“Devastation turned into determination” said Augustine, a learner on the panel as she shared with the audience the life struggles that almost prevented her from achieving her goals.

Today, her son is an honor roll student. Patricia, an ESL learner, shared her experience as an immigrant and acknowledged the important role of her tutor in helping her improve her English level proficiency what led her to a recent job promotion. said Pam to her tutor sitting on the audience and who has supported her unconditionally in her journey to pass the GED®.

“Make it fun, and know that what works for one person doesn’t work for others, some like to be pushed but others need more understanding,” said Nina.

After the panel, Adult learners also participated in a workshop on goal setting as volunteers and practitioners enjoyed interactive workshops.

Thank you!

Our partners and presenters play a huge role in making the Tutor Institute happen. We wouldn’t be able to offer the education and networking opportunities that we do without the support from District 1199C Training & Upgrading Fund, Tutor Institute Planning Committee:
Lynette Hazelton, Kelly Sines, Jill Disbro and Jillian Gierke, volunteer tutors and workshop presenters. A special thank you to the adult learners who joined the Tutor Institute to share their stories. We cannot thank you enough!

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