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Ricardeau Scutt


A kind passenger in his dad’s Philadelphia taxi, coupled with his own studious hard work, started Haitian immigrant Ricardeau Scutt on the fast track to success in his adopted home. The stranger, hearing about Ricardeau’s challenges in finding employment due to limited English language skills, got the young man a job as dishwasher at a Center City Saladworks restaurant.

At Saladworks by day and driving a taxi at night, Ricardeau still found time to enroll in ESL classes at Community College of Philadelphia. Within a few years, he was general manager of a Saladworks, a proud U.S. citizen, and supporting family both in Philadelphia and Haiti.

His hard work has paid an even greater dividend. Saladworks executives entered him in a Food Network hidden camera reality show. He won a contest he didn’t even know he had entered. His reward: his own Saladworks franchise in the Andorra section of Philadelphia. Ricardeau gratefully credits that stranger in the taxi, linked to his own determination for adult education: “If you work hard, somebody will notice, and if you bring your best every day, there is no way you can go wrong.”

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