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Pat McGovern Gorchov


A health educator, Pat McGovern Gorchov’s most recent job was for the State of Delaware where she was the manager of a federal grant for a co-occurring mental health and substance abuse program for six years. Prior to that, she worked in mental health, aging, cancer research and the field of social work.

Now calling herself “semi-retired,” she is also interested in looking for meaningful part-time employment. She tries to strike a balance between reading and staying physically active by swimming regularly, taking classes in Zumba Gold and yoga. Plus she enjoys her visits with her two grandchildren, ages 6 and 11.

Pat’s love of reading led her to the Center for Literacy (CFL). “I don’t think that I could live without reading. The printed word is very important to me. I wanted to share that love with other people,” said Pat, who then decided that the CFL was the place to volunteer after completing tutor training with the Mayor’s Commission on Literacy.

In April of 2014 she was matched with Theresa Cade, who had a fear of reading. Theresa’s worry soon vanished after she met Pat and they became friends. They meet twice a week after Theresa gets off her work as a housekeeper. Not only has Theresa’s reading test scores moved up two grade levels, but Pat has showed her how to write a check and balance a checkbook, and how to use a computer, including e-mailing. One of the ways that they practice writing is for Theresa and Pat to compose essays about an event each has been at, then edit it. A recent essay was about a trip that Theresa took to DC.

“I admire Theresa’s persistence. She takes three modes of transportation to get to the tutoring sessions. I like that Theresa has shared her experiences with her family – that family support is so important,” said Pat.

Theresa truly values Pat and the CFL. “Pat is great and caring. I thought I would never get to this point. I wouldn’t stop coming to CFL as long as Pat is here.”

Pat was recently awarded the Joan & Richard Behr Exceptional Service Award of the Center for Literacy (CFL) for her commitment to adult education and literacy.



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