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Philadelphia native Mimi Starks is an inspiration. At age 49, this single mother and Certified Nursing Assistant recently returned to the virtual classroom via myPLACE℠ Online with a mission of improving her skills so she can advance into a better career.

Mimi discovered myPLACE℠ Online while researching a program offered at District 1199C Training & Upgrading Fund called Electronic Health Records Certificate (EHRC). Despite having taken classes at Community College of Philadelphia many years ago, Mimi’s assessment test scores were too low for admission to the job-training program. Fortunately, this will not be the case for long.

After Mimi’s first online six-week course, Foundations of Reading and Writing, she advanced her literacy level by three grades. She is currently enrolled in Intermediate Reading and Writing and her myPLACE℠ learning coach expects her to qualify for the EHRC program by the end of December. Having built her confidence with online learning, Mimi is now considering pursuing an Associate’s Degree instead.

“Online classes are working really well for my schedule. I work two jobs so I couldn’t commit to face-to-face classes on specific days of the week,” says Mimi. “I love that I’m setting a great example for my eight-year old son about the importance of education.”

Mimi’s literacy gains are a testament to her drive for a better future for herself and her family, and myPLACE℠ Online’s ability to accelerate adult learning. Learn about myPLACE℠ Online, or call The Commission at 215-686-5250 to begin your registration today.

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