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James Barrett


James Barrett attends Drexel’s Dornsife Center for Neighborhood Partnership’s KEYSPOT Computer Center almost every day. Sitting in his favorite seat, Barrett researches technical/computer schools, online trainings, employment opportunities and online job applications so that he can further his education and start a career.

“The KEYSPOT keeps me busy and it keeps my mind focused on what I’m trying to achieve. It gives me more education about computers and what I can do with them,” Barrett said.

He said the support at the Dornsife Center has been amazing, particularly with providing assistance with legal issues.

“But the reason I came here was for the computer lab,” he added.

KEYSPOT was able to help him find online computer and technology classes, and through Dornsife programming, he is planning on attending financial literacy and cooking classes.

“For me it’s always about learning something new every day,” he said. “There hasn’t been anything as broad as this [Dornsife] right here in the community…I’m a regular here.”

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