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Philadelphia Adult Literacy Alliance Closes out 2016/2017 Year

7 July 2017
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The Philadelphia Adult Literacy Alliance convened for the last quarterly meeting of the fiscal year 2017 on May 24, 2017. The meeting explored opportunities for adult education in the Rebuild Philadelphia Initiative.

In the spirit of integrating adult education into Rebuild, the Alliance welcomed Deputy Director of Workforce Diversity and Inclusion, Mary Stitt and Deputy Director of Community Engagement and Communication, David Gould from the Rebuild Initiative to present on opportunities for Alliance member to get involved.

“What if we could transform our community assets by accelerating investment and engaging communities?” asked Gould.

Rebuilding Community Infrastructure (Rebuild) Philadelphia, a $500 million program seeks to revitalize neighborhood parks, recreation centers, playgrounds, and libraries across the city. The Initiative is centered around physical improvements to assets, workforce diversity and inclusion, and community engagement.

Physical improvement will address decade old infrastructure and maintenance issues effecting the quality of city assets. Rebuild seeks to make these improves with a diverse and inclusive workforce by opening construction and apprenticeship programs to women, minorities and disabled populations.

A major issue facing this inclusion is making sure applicants have the prerequisite skills needed to begin a new career. “What can we do to engage the community, get people ready for the jobs we need and support them in obtaining these jobs?” Stitt asked the Alliance.

For adult educators and providers this issues of preparing adults for family sustaining jobs is nothing new. The Alliance has spent that last year meeting with New York Coalition for Adult Literacy, Adult Literacy XPRIZE and apprenticeship programs to identify strategies for moving adult education forward in Philadelphia.

“With more information about the Philadelphia Rebuild initiative, adult educators are better equipped to help adult learners prepare for and connect to upcoming job and occupational training opportunities,” explained Naomie Nyanungo, Director of Professional Development and Community Engagement at the Office of Adult Education.

The Alliance, a membership organization with 207 professionals from 99 organizations from the adult education community who provide, coordinate, fund, and support adult literacy and workforce development services.

“The sharing of information and the establishment of partnerships creates the innovation that we need for collaboration and team work to provide quality adult education and career development in Philadelphia,” said Chelsea Reed, the Office of Adult Education’s Communication Manager.

In addition, the Alliance plans to release its latest findings this fall in the “Adult Education in Philadelphia: State of Affairs”; a collaborative report to educate stakeholders on adult education needs and services in Philadelphia. Brendan Conlin, Chair of the Alliance Advisory Board, shared an update on the project and facilitated a vibrant discussion around the questions: 1) What is the purpose of telling the story of adult education in Philadelphia, (2) Who do we want to share this with and (3) what should be the components of this story?.  A working meeting will be scheduled for later in June to continue working on this project.  If you are interested in contributing to the project, please contact

Interested in becoming a member or renewing your membership? The Alliance will be accepting members for the 2018 fiscal year (July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018).


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