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PHL Adult Literacy Alliance Quarterly Meeting #2

19 December 2016
Alliance News

On Monday, December 12th the Philadelphia Adult Literacy Alliance convened the second quarterly meeting of the fiscal year. Members were hosted by Office of Adult Education (OAE) staff and members of the Alliance Advisory Board at the City’s Municipal Services Building in Center City.

Advisory Board Member Farrah Parkes opened the meeting with review of the first quarterly meeting in October including the Alliance Survey of Adult Education Services, a survey auditing the current landscape of adult education and career development services available in Philadelphia.

Members then participated in work groups to discuss the Survey of Adult Education Services. “There’s an urgency for us all to see the full picture of what adult education looks like in Philadelphia,” said Advisory Board Member Sister Janice Owens.

Following the workgroups, the membership welcomed guests Shlomy Kattan and Mika Kim from the Adult Literacy XPRIZE team as they introduced an exciting collaboration with the Office of Adult Education for Philadelphia’s adult learners. In 2017, OAE together with the Barbara Bush Foundation and the Adult Literacy XPRIZE will launch the mobile learning application field test toward improving the literacy skills of Philadelphia’s adult learners.

The Barbara Bush Foundation Adult Literacy XPRIZE is a global competition challenging teams to develop mobile learning applications for existing smart devices.  The competition will culminate in the identification of the mobile application that indicates the results that show the greatest increase in literacy skills among participating adult learners in just 12 months.

The solutions will overcome key barriers to adult literacy learning by improving access, while increasing retention, and scaling to meet demand. The vision is to empower nearly one in ten low-literate adults living in the United States with the skills they need to improve their personal and professional opportunities.

The 2017 field test will highlight the ongoing adult literacy work in the three pilot cities of Philadelphia, Dallas and Los Angeles.

“We want to build a strong system locally and nationally. XPRIZE is eager to partner with Philadelphia to highlight the unique adult education system that has been established here,” explained Shlomy Kattan, Director of the Adult Literacy XPRIZE.

Alliance members had time to ask questions, hear of opportunities to support the project and incentives being offered to both partners and participants.

“This is a great opportunity for the Philadelphia Adult Literacy Alliance. We have a once in a generation opportunity to engage thousands of the City’s adult learners, generate awareness around the adult education challenge and be involved in the exciting innovation ahead,” said Anne Gemmell, Director of Family Learning at the Office of Adult Education.

The Alliance second quarterly meeting concluded with lunch, networking and announcements from Quality Pre-K as well as from OAE’s new myPLACE℠ Online classes beginning in January.

For more information on the Philadelphia Adult Literacy Alliance click here.

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