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Now Hiring: Facilitator

6 February 2017
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The Two-Generation Learn and Lead course is a family service- learning pilot; a deliberative process to engage families in learning together through service to the community. The National Center for Family Learning has developed a very promising model of Family Service Learning in 17 U.S. cities over the past 2 years . Toyota Family Learning Foundation has funded and supported the growth of these programs. The NCFL model is multi-generational and incorporates content learning, technology and problem-solving linked to 21st century college and career readiness skills for both child and parent. Essentially, Family Service Learning is community leadership training for effective civic engagement and is proven to boost employ-ability skills.

GOALS: At the conclusion of the 12-week Two-Gen Learn and Lead pilot, 80% or more of both adult English Second Language learners and adult basic education learners who complete the course will:

Facilitator Position: The facilitator will help to plan and develop the design of an adult curriculum that incorporates family service learning. They will provide the planning, instruction, and implementation support for a 12-week course of Family Service Learning called Two-Generation Learn and Lead: a family course for community change. The facilitator will instruct adult caregivers and their children, age-level pre-K to 6th grade, in accordance with the mission, core values, and purposes of the Office of Adult Education. Facilitator will report to and collaborate with the OAE Director for Family Learning.

Minimum Qualifications

The Facilitator must satisfy the following minimum qualifications:

1. Must possess a Bachelor’s degree

2. Demonstrated work experience in adult instructional or content-related fields.

Skills and Attributes

The Facilitator must possess the following skills and attributes:

1. Strong organizational and planning abilities

2. Customer service focus and a strong work ethic

3. Knowledge of course material for adults

4. Familiarity with a Learner Management System a plus.

5. Strong facilitation skills particularly for a diverse and multilevel group.

Essential Functions

1. Provides instruction and activities to the 15-20 families registered for the course, either in a whole group or small group setting.

2. Plans activities in achieving a better understanding of a specific subject area and with the goal of improving adult capabilities in designated 21st century workforce skill areas.

3. Develops a plan for each week’s session.

4. Attends periodic planning and training sessions as required by the administrator.

5. Provides evaluations and other reports related to the adults’ progress as requested and

documents class progress as well as individual adults’ progress.

6. Assists adult caregivers with the development of skills necessary for attaining 3-5 badges from the Learn to Earn Toolkit.

7. Helps foster positive attitudes among all families toward learning and leadership skills and provides a motivating, positive, and academically rigorous experience for students.

8. Motivates and supports all families and overall project success.

9. Establishes and maintains rapport with adults and their children.

10. Serves as a role model and fosters an inclusive learning environment.

11. Performs all other duties as assigned.

12. Support students’ academic skills in relevant areas

13. Make suggestions for curricular changes as the course progresses, based on user experience and student feedback

14. Be comfortable in a digital environment as it pertains to instruction and administrative functions.

15. Review and respond to learners’ activities, grading assignments in a timely manner prior to the next class session and inputting Student data into an OAE student information system.

Required Work Schedule

The Facilitator is expected to provide instruction on Saturday mornings for the duration of the 12 week course and to devote the appropriate amount of time for the planning, assessment and reporting components of the course.

Send resume and cover letter to:

Anne Gemmell, Director of Family Learning

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