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GED Testing Service Launches New Program

29 October 2015
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GED® Testing Service has partnered with some of the nation’s largest employers and most recognizable brands— including Walmart, KFC, Taco Bell and Southeastern Grocers— to create GEDWorks, a comprehensive program free for employees who want to earn their GED® credential.

The GEDWorks™ program includes everything an employee needs to successfully prepare for and pass the GED® test. Students are provided access to a GED® advisor, online GED® study material, connections to local adult education programs, practice tests, and more. GED® advisors are a key element of GEDWorks™ and help guide, engage, and motivate students. GEDWorks™ also helps keep graduates moving forward after completing the tests by connecting them with college and career pathways tools on

GEDWorks™ is one indicator that national employers understand the value of the new GED® program, which is focused on better preparing learners to compete in today’s job market and to successfully enter post-secondary education programs essential to most 21st century jobs. This effort also marks the first time national employers have banded together to support a program aimed solely at decreasing the number of adults without a high school diploma, an important step in improving the country’s economic competitiveness.

“Employers have invested in this national program with GED® Testing Service to boost the education levels of their employees because they recognize the benefits of the enhanced GED® program and the importance of education in the lives of their employees. The program offers a cost-effective way for employers to help adult learners achieve their goals and invest in their futures. Students earning a GED® credential enhance their career prospects and earning potential,” said Randy Trask, President of GED® Testing Service. The support that employers show their participating employees is another key element of the GEDWorks™ program.

“Taco Bell believes in helping our Team Members get more out of life— starting with an education,” said Frank Tucker, Global Chief People Officer at Taco Bell. “GEDWorks™ is great because it gives our employees everything they need to prepare for and pass the GED® test on their own flexible terms. Not only are we developing our Team Members and creating an engaged workforce, but we’re also inspiring these valued Team Members to champion their potential, education and future.”

“Walmart believes that education is key to an associate’s personal and professional development,” said Michelle Knight, Vice President of Talent Development for Walmart U.S. “The opportunity to earn a market-valued credential helps our people gain skills to advance their career. Achieving success with the GEDWorks™ program is a gateway to opportunity.”
The program is completely free for learners. It is fully funded by employers or, in the case of KFC, by the associated charity, Kentucky Fried Chicken Foundation. The only investment needed by students is time and energy to prepare for the test.

Restaurant operators love that the GEDWorks™ and other Foundation programs help them recruit and retain high quality employees who are interested in working hard to improve themselves. “The KFC Foundation is proud to be able to support them, and continue Colonel Sanders’ legacy of helping people be their best selves through education,” said Krista Snider, Managing Director of the KFC Foundation.

“Now that I have my GED®, it takes away that little bit of shame and embarrassment [of not having graduated from high school],” said Courtney, an employee of Winn-Dixie/Southeastern Grocers in Alabama and one of the first graduates of the GEDWorks™ program. “My GED®advisor was very encouraging and friendly throughout the process— she addressed all of the concerns I had along the way. I think others should go for it as well!”

For more information visit the GEDWorks™ Media Kit web page, which includes: GEDWorks™ Press Release in English and Spanish, GEDWorks™ Infographic, Soundcloud Audio Clip, First GEDWorks™ Graduate Video, GEDWorks™ Student Profiles/Stories, Link to the GEDWorks™ Website.

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