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Investing in Adult Education Pays.

Investing in Adult Education Pays

Changes in industries have left hundreds of thousands of Philadelphia’s low-skilled job seekers stranded outside of the economy. One in two adults in Philadelphia struggles with basic literacy and work-ready skills. This reduces their employability, contributes to the city’s high poverty rate, and places a burden on the entire regional economy.

With your help, we can change that.

Over the last year, The Office of Adult Education launched myPLACE,the first adult education system in Philadelphia’s history to bridge the skills gap. In just a few short months, myPLACE℠ served over 3,000 adults, half of whom enrolled in an online course that teaches computer skills, job search, and career planning.

To address the high-demand for classroom seats, OAE also developed myPLACE Online, the nation’s first online, cohort-based courses for low-literate adults, helping nearly 1,000 learners improve their reading, writing, and math skills on their time.

myPLACE℠ has engaged 23 other organizations as partners and has increased the number of publicly-funded classroom seats by 43%. With additional funding and support, it has potential to serve 8,000 adults by the end of this fiscal year and 16,000 next year.

The City of Philadelphia supported the costs of the pilot of this work, now we need your support to continue helping adult job-seekers improve the skills they need to get good jobs. Invest in adult education today. Give, advocate, or volunteer to provide the education 550,000 adults in Philadelphia need for 21st-century employment.

Your investment is guaranteed to make an impact. A skilled workforce attracts new business, grows our economy, and stabilizes families and neighborhoods. An investment in adult education not only transforms the lives of individuals and their families, it also ensures a brighter future for everyone in the City we call home.

If you believe, as we do, that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, please join us in this work.

Invest in adult education today. It’s easy as one two three—Give, Volunteer, Advocate.

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