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myPLACE℠ Online Learning

Adult learning is now easier than ever! 

myPLACE℠ Online works with your busy schedule! The Office of Adult Education’s online courses help learners improve reading, writing, math and computer skills. You can work from home, or anywhere with a computer and Internet. All classes are free with an online instructor.


Prepare for entrance exams you need to get into job training and apprenticeship programs. myPREP℠ also helps you prepare for the Accuplacer Exam you need to get into Community College of Philadelphia, and other colleges. Work with an instructor to create a learning plan and improve your skills. Finish modules at your own time and pace. Be more prepared to ace your exam. Take the next steps in your education and career.

Enrollment is on a rolling basis. Call (215) 686-5250 and ask about myPREPsm.

myPLACEsm Online Reading and Math 

Take your reading, writing, and math skills to the next level. Classes are for learners with intermediate reading and writing skills. They include an online facilitator for help and support. Learn alongside your peers with weekly assignments and group discussions.

Classes run several times a year. Call (215) 686-5250 and ask about myPLACEsm Online.


myPLACE Online Learner, Audrey Adams shares her experience from The Office of Adult Education. “I started the myPLACE program, now I know how important computer skills are. I am now able to do an online reading and writing course. Now that I have some computer skills, I want to know more – to improve my typing speed and learn all the functions of the keys. The skills I am acquiring in this class will be of great value to me in the future. My thirst for knowledge is so great now, and I think that is a wonderful thing!”  Online Learner, written from her Reading and Writing online class at 4th-5th grade level.
What are you waiting for? Call us at (215) 686-5250 to get started with myPLACE℠ Online!



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