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myPLACE℠ Online Learning

Adult learning is now more convenient than ever!

myPLACE℠ Online works with your busy schedule! The Office of Adult Educations’s six-week, online course can help qualified learners improve reading, writing, math and computer skills from home, or anywhere with a computer and Internet.

All classes are free and include the support of an online instructor.

Introduction to Adult Learning & Careers:
Gain computer and study skills, create a resume and your personal learning plan.

Foundations of Reading & Writing:
Take your writing and editing skills to the next level, using them to write a strong essay.

Intermediate Reading & Writing:
Learn how to write for the workplace and beyond. Write the perfect cover letter, make a presentation, and send a formal e-mail to a job.

Foundations of Mathematics:
Math- it’s all around us! Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Intermediate Mathematics:
Learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions. Convert fractions into decimals and practice basic algebra and geometry.
myPLACE℠ Online Learner, Audrey Adams shares her experience from The Office of Adult Education. “I started the myPLACE℠ program, now I know how important computer skills are. I am now able to do an online reading and writing course. Now that I have some computer skills, I want to know more – to improve my typing speed and learn all the functions of the keys. The skills I am acquiring in this class will be of great value to me in the future. My thirst for knowledge is so great now, and I think that is a wonderful thing!”  Online Learner, written from her Reading and Writing online class at 4th-5th grade level.

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