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2016 in the Office of Adult Education

29 December 2016
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Check out what we’ve been up to in 2016!

Superintendent Dr. William R. Hite announced Tuesday that the U.S. Department of Education’s Counseling and Access for Postsecondary Success (CAPS) Initiative grant will provide $236,000 annually for five years to the district’s Educational Options Program (EOP)  >>>Read more.

“What we’re trying to do is move ahead of where everyone is going: putting more and more information on the network,” Brennan said. “This network is going to put us ahead for years and years to come.”  >>>Read more.

But for others, like 46-year-old Brenda Vera, who lives in Feltonville, the program appeals to two of her personal goals. “I need to brush up on computer skills and do some exercise, so free bike riding sounds good to me,” she said. >>>Read more.
Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney renewed his administration’s commitment to giving adults in the city a chance to change their lives. >>>Read more.
The Philadelphia Mayor’s Commission on Literacy has a new name, but the same mission. Mayor Jim Kenney signed an executive order changing the name Thursday to help transition the group to a unit under the managing director. >>>Read more.
“It’s been a joy watching the participants of Digital Skills & Bicycle Thrills try new things and take full advantage of the tools we’ve provided. It’s important to Indego that we offer opportunities like this so that everyone has access to Philadelphia’s newest public transportation option,” said Claudia Setubal, Indego access manager. >>>Read more.
In Digital Skills and Bike Thrills, individuals participate in a monthlong workshop where they learn basic computer skills at their own pace and also get six free months of Indego. It’s a clever way to attract people to take computer classes and also seems to be a way to get more kinds of people using bikeshare.  >>>Read more.
Jill Horner speaks with Jennifer Kobrin, Director of the Mayor’s Commission on Literacy, about the state of adult literacy in Philadelphia. Follow on Facebook and Twitter for updates and details.  >>>Read more.
Mayor Jim Kenney said the goal was always to make Indego accessible to as many people as possible. “It’s a public amenity,” he said, “and for many people, it’s a great way to connect with their communities, their families, jobs and with health.”  >>>Read more.
There’s a stimulating new lure at city recreation centers – 3-D printers – thanks to a $105,000 donation from Comcast.  >>>Read more.
More than 100,000 of Philadelphia’s 1.5 million residents can’t afford internet access. The figure, based on a 2013 study by the Pew Charitable Trusts, reflects the “digital divide,” the term used to distinguish those with computers and internet access, and those without — mostly people with incomes under $30,000 a year. >>>Read more.
Omar Diaz has at least one thing in common with Jim Kenny. They both washed dishes for living. Kenny is now Mayor of Philadelphia and Omar is on his way to a career tech thanks to an adult literacy program.>>>Read more.
The Mayor’s Commission on Literacy just opened its fifth adult learning center at the Center for Literacy. It’s the newest leg of the city’s cross-sector agency fight against illiteracy. >>>Read more. _________________________________________________________________________________
“As for what the digital divide actually is, there are the have and the have nots,” Harry Fishburn, digital innovation and literacy specialist for Philadelphia’s Office of Innovation and Technology, told AL DÍA. >>>Read more.
“My children are 9 [years old]. … I don’t want [them] growing up to be adults that don’t know that their dad at least tried to show them how important education is,” Edwards said.  >>>Read more.

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